Enabling a disabling society


Breede Valley Association of and for Persons with Disabilities (BVAPD) is a registered non-profit organization that renders therapeutic, social and community development services to all persons with disabilities in the Breede Valley Municipal area, including the communities of Worcester, Rawsonville, De Doorns and Touws River.

We were previously known as Worcester Cripple Care and Worcester Association for the Physically Disabled, was established in 1951 after Drs. Dommisse and Wilson realized the need for aftercare for persons with disabilities in the area. The organization developed and implemented a transformation plan as well as administrative systems and procedures in order to ensure good governance, cost effective, equitable, accessible and accountable service delivery and management of the organization.

In 1983, Worcester Cripple Care Association underwent a change of name to the Association for the Physically Disabled (Worcester), and in 2003 became the Worcester Association for persons with Physical Disabilities. In 2005 a decision was made to change the name to the Breede Valley Association for Persons with Disabilities, along with a new logo and branding, which displays our progression from the medical model of assistance to the social model.

Currently, the 5 strategic focus areas of our organization include governance, developmental social work services, work & employment, education & childcare and marketing & promotion.


Social Services

Family Preservation
Growing Together
Adopt a Family
SVO Support Group
Rolling Inspirations

Childcare and

Rise and Shine Special Care Unit
Caring and Sharing Special Care Centre
Umnenge Special Care Centre
Rawsonville Special Care Centre
Brewelskloof Vulnerable Children Project
Partners for Life Caregiver Support
Saam-Staan Adolescent Project


Groups For Youth with Disabilities
Partners For Life Adult Care Centre
Student Support Programme

Work and

Quarterly Vocational Training Program
Waste Management

Wellness and

Inclusive Wellness @ APD
MoreThan Touws Rivier