The Arts & Crafts Youth Development group in Worcester, in partnership with the DoMore After partnering with the DoMore Foundation pre September 2020, our existing Arts & Crafts project started in all earns with preparations for an exciting new Woodwork Project. Before we knew it, the existing Arts & Crafts project, consisting of life- and skills training for youth with intellectual- and physical disabilities, had a brand new name to mark this exciting new venture and taking on immediate ownership of the project: YouthAbility! And how appropriate this new name has been ever since!

The existing facilitators received extensive training in woodwork skills and techniques (including Health & Safety aspects), woodworking with hand- and power tools, woodworking techniques, creative finishing of woodwork products and the quality control of wood work products. And then the real fun started with transferring the skills to the youth with disabilities. And were we amazed at their ABILITIES! We were stunned at how quickly the youth with disabilities adapted to the new project and especially at their eagerness to learn new skills – and how quickly they learned! To see the youth’s daily development in confidence and pride have been a great opportunity and privilege.