The SVO Support Group at Breede Valley APD started as a project of the final year physiotherapy students studying at the UKWANDA Rural Health Centre as part of their clinical rotation block. Whilst working in the field, the students noticed that there was a large population of people that were presenting with acute strokes that occurred during the national lockdown. They realised that there was an increased need for rehabilitation and with the assistance of the Breede Valley APD Social Worker, they brought to life the stroke support group.

The support group meets once weekly at Breede Valley APD on Wednesday mornings and is a group class for people who have previously suffered from a stroke. These group classes consist of a variety of education and exercise classes. The aim of the group class is to provide members of the community with a support system to hopefully enable them to overcome the many obstacles that they are faced with. With further investment from the Breede Valley APD Volunteers and Caregivers, we hope to make this group sustainable and enable stroke survivors to reach an optimal lifestyle.

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