The need for programs to attend to the needs of persons with disabilities living in their communities with their families, especially after discharge from hospital or crisis intervention, will be an ongoing need, especially with a lack of resources and infra-structure in our poverty stricken communities. This group of people and their families need to be supported, empowered and their skills need to be developed in order for them to become as independent and mainstreamed into society as efficiently as possible. They often have very few or no support systems to help them in making the correct choices in terms of health, rehabilitation, social values and integration into their respective communities in general, etc.

Through the Family Preservation Program, Breede Valley APD is mobilising and empowering volunteers associated with the organisation to provide managed support and services to persons and families with disabilities within their families and communities on a long- and/or short term bases, enabling persons and families with disabilities to reach an independent and optimal lifestyle.

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